Welcome to the StressTester™ Online Learning Centre (OLC)

Welcome to the StressTester™ Online Learning Centre (OLC).

The OLC's purpose is to allow you to learn quickly how to use StressTester™ to correctly performance test your Web and enterprise applications.

It is designed to guide novice and experienced users in easy, step by step stages, and includes video tutorials for all the key tasks. It is divided into a logical sequence of chapters and you can start or stop following it at any point. 

To view larger versions of embedded screen shots, simply click the screen shot and it will be expanded.

In addition, the OLC also has a powerful search facility (located in the navigation bar on the left of the screen) allowing you to find easily all sections relevant to a particular topic.

Please note this is Beta release and some sections are yet to be fully completed.

We would welcome any feedback or suggestions you wish to give concerning the ease of use, layout or content of the OLC by emailing us at olcfeedback@reflective.com .