Despite the fact that StressTester™ first came into being as far back as 2003, it has managed an astonishing 100% success rate; indeed, no application that has undergone a web application or website load & performance testing using StressTester™ has encountered post-production performance issues.

This comprehensive performance test and stress testing tool can help your organization:

Save time

  • By reducing the complexity of configuring and executing tests; our stress testing tool allows you to concentrate on the planning and requirements of a website load test, as well as subsequent results and recommendations;
  • By shortening test timescales by up to 80% (existing clients and test consultancies have reported 50-80% timescale reductions);
  • By reducing project timescales from development to production, increasing productivity and efficiency.
  • So quick to use, StressTester is even suitable for Agile development projects

Save money

  • By reducing project resources and timescales;
  • By taking advantage of fair, transparent licensing and flexible pricing models
  • Improve the accuracy of web load testing & the reliability of results
  • By creating realistic, made-to-measure load simulations
  • By reducing the risk of outage and ensuring that applications scale and perform

Independently tested and acknowledged as the most comprehensive and user-friendly performance testing tool available, StressTester™ can help you save time and money without compromising on quality.

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