Website Load, Performance, & Stress Testing Software

from Reflective Solutions

Reflective Solutions' StressTester™ is designed to take the stress out of web performance testing, and the fact that it is already used successfully by many large global organizations to verify the performance of their critical web applications is testament to its speed and ease of use.

Load and Stress Testing Software

Our enterprise class stress testing software will provide comprehensive analysis of the performance, scalability and load capacity of your web-based applications (including IBM Maximo), whilst simultaneously monitoring the underlying server and infrastructure resources.

StressTester™ is proven to reduce project timescales, and allows performance testing to be undertaken more regularly and more efficiently, whilst considerably lowering the risks of incorrect testing.

Screenshots: Stress Testing Tool Software

Quick and Simple to learn and use

Creating and executing complex, challenging and realistic web load and stress testing scenarios is made quicker and simpler, thanks to the innovative and intuitive User Interface: built in wizards, drop-down menus and video tutorials remove the need for script writing, saving precious time and enabling users to set up and execute test simulations within days, or even hours.

New users will also appreciate the Online Learning Centre, designed to get them up to speed as quickly as possible.

Don't feel you need to take Reflective's word for this, however; our pioneering performance testing tools have been independently certified as the most user-friendly on the market and allows users to test more quickly, more efficiently and more regularly, therefore reducing the risk of incorrect testing.

StressTester™ - Best Web Tool 2011

StressTester™ has been awarded Best Web Tool
by Web Hosting Search

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